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Free shipping on orders over $150! *Exclusions apply.
Free shipping on orders over $150! *Exclusions apply.


  • Statement Hoop


    These 14k gold filled hoops are stunning! They are lightweight but substantial looking and really make all our "hoop dreams" come true!  Feel free ...

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  • Premier Hoop

    from $66.00

    These gorgeous 16k gold-filled hoops are what dreams are made of! The texture of the earring makes them unique but still a classic take on the hoop...

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  • Classic Bracelet

    from $0.00

    7" 24k gold filled chain bracelet! perfect look like permanent jewelry but the option to take it of whenever you want to!

  • Short Cut Earrings


    these sweet little earrings are mixed metal and so much fun to wear! choose a silver cross or peace sign and wear these all the time!

  • Romance Earrings


    These lightweight beauties are a perfect statement earring! The etched feature at the bottom of the teardrop shape makes them sparkle and shine!

  • Proposal Necklace


    It's finally here!  The necklace everyone has been waiting for.  So good we made two options and we know you should own both of them!  The solitair...

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  • Born Again Earrings


    We give you 4 choices to pick your go to earrings that you will want to wear everyday!  Brushed silver and gold and a cross shape or circle they ar...

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